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  • Gwen on 2015-Dec-03 18:05:53 Gwen said

    I just tried Taqueria Mi Bandera on 161 and would definitely remeomcnd it. It was my first time there, so the only thing I have had was the Chilaquiles con Carne Asada, but it was really good. I am planning on making it back soon to try the Menudo and Rico Sancocho.
  • BertieorBirdie on 2016-Nov-29 20:46:22 BertieorBirdie said

    I was planning to celebrate Mass in honor of Saints Nunilo and Alodia (as permitted by GIRM 355), but when I received a response from the USCCB this morning that the optional memorial of Blessed John Paul II can be ceaerblted in the USA beginning today, I had to go with him.