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mixed sink and cc 007


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  • Adinda on 2015-Dec-03 17:34:31 Adinda said

    Hey Jeremy, Great site! Glad you got it up and running. Love the phoots! Maybe I should chat with you about your blog and what it took to set it up. I want to learn, but have been frustrated at the limitations and how other blogs I tried to do were not user friendly!Great Job!Blessings to you and the family!
  • Buffee on 2016-Nov-29 20:33:20 Buffee said

    maybe he could feel them starting to break and di1;2#8&d7nt want to ruin the video half way through. (just a guess.) I’m a drummer so I know what its like to be half way through a roll and have your stick break on you. Awesome cover of an awesome song by an awesome band though. 10/10 dude.