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  • Arieev on 2015-Dec-03 18:07:51 Arieev said

    hi, have read ur blog for long, but my 1st time left msg here.I went to the same restaurant on sunady as well!!! I can't help myself keeping laughing at the "name" u know there's a dish named"耶路撒冷炒飯"!!!!!! LOL
  • Lavar on 2016-Nov-29 21:26:09 Lavar said

    Hey everyone, I have made a few of these dresses in sizes up to 2-3, just wondered if anyone had any redecmonmations on how much to increase the percentage for age 4-5 years? Also I’m struggling to print off the pattern at larger sizes without loosing some off the edge of the paper. how can i fix this?Thanks a lot for an amazing pattern!xxx[]