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  • Yvonne on 2015-Dec-03 17:34:27 Yvonne said

    We'd love for you to stop by and check out our little place in Pickerington, the Columbus Sandwich Company. High end wraps, soups, sadals, sandwiches. Homemade chicken salad that's wildly popular and sold by the pound. We do a lot of catering and have a nice little place with an urban history theme. (all the sandwiches are named after Columbus landmarks)You have a great site thank you.
  • Yamary on 2016-Nov-29 20:34:39 Yamary said

    i’m curious to see what you can pull off on max-day Kevin. i’m guessing at least 440, after watching this last vid. but it is actually impossible to know, by just watching you lift 4 reps,what your 1rm is, cuz evry lifter is diffrent.i remember my old workout buddy, he could do 4×4 with 280lbs.i couldnt lift as heavy when doing 4×4, but still my max was 330, but he couldt go that hea&;.iv#8217ym expecting great things on max-day, dog!