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  • Vincent on 2015-Dec-03 17:18:33 Vincent said

    That's a good point. For the most part, these restaurants don't serve ahlocol it's just too expensive for them to get liquor licenses. A few do, though, and we'll be sure to note that in future write-ups. Off the top of my head, you'll find ahlocol offerings at Plaza Tapatia, Siem Reap, and Udipi. Regarding BYOB, it's best to call ahead and ask the owners. Many Muslim-run establishments are unlikely to agree, and it's anyone's guess with other places.
  • Nevaeh on 2016-Nov-29 17:32:22 Nevaeh said

    I’ve had some problems since 1 year and I haven’t been able to find the problem, but things are going way better since I don’t eat pre-made stuff. I have stomach pain a little like Kris, and I’m beginning to think that the Monosodium Glutamate is guilty of it. Thanks for the Qn0;Sy2onyms„ list!